April CCC

Omg!! I just found out the date I should send out is WRONG! I am totally sorry about that! I thought is at the end of the month. Opps. I guess i messed up with other swap’s date. I m SO sorry. i am sure it will be arrived soon. But, for some reason, I havent got mine yet! oh well…..we’ll see……..

This is my second time to participate CCC. Details here. The theme I chose is “friendship”.


Cardstock, some patter paper from Cosmo cricket

Stamps: Hero Arts Clear stamp set “be happy” and a set of  Tim Holtz



This card is made for my mom’s friend who has a new-born baby. Pink color should be fit on this! Very easy and quick card! I especially love the pink ribbon along with brown edge!!

thinking of {you}

Ya. I am back with another post today! I am planning to get back  my original schedule, at least post something daily.

Well, I have been away either reading or posting blog. Today, I found out that Embelish Magazine has a great challenge. Using pink, yellow, green and blue along with embossing to make a card. What a fun challenge! The card I made is totally out of style. It is fresh and new to me. Very natural color and nice color combination.


{Cute Bees with flowers}

My card is totally inspired by Kristina Werner’s Finally Friday Video last week. She made beautiful paper flowers!! Afterward, I made ten paper flowers but dont know how to put them together.

When I saw this week challenge, I know it is FOR me. This card took me less than 1 minutes. No kidding. Even the card base is already pre-cut and sat my desk for few weeks!

This week challenge requires to use 5 item that on my desk.

1. card base

2. cute bees from Hero Arts

3. Paper flowers I made last week

4. white gel pen

5. pre-made stripe

Hope you like it. The only thing I do is GLUE them. That’s it. Easy.Quick and Fun.

{happy Birthday} to [you]

Hey ALL!!! To celebrate my little brother’s birthday, I made him a birthday card! I hope he will like it!!!! And, once again, Happy birthday to you, my bro!


Hey all! You better say “welcome back” to me. oh yea! I finally made something after i settled down in HK! Home sweet home as always! So here is one of the challenge in Moxie fab. They now have a Go-To sketches week Challenge! Such as a fun week!

I really LOVE this sketch!! Love it~

Spring Break Monday

Spring break Monday

Spring Break implies that I am going to have a new start and a new life, also implies i have no more school and no  job. Spring Break Monday is my last day in San Diego where I spent two years studying in UCSD to get my B.A. degree. It is the place I won’t forget. All the joyful noises I had is unforgettable. Basically I had been packing all my stuff in this 4 years in two big luggage, n several hand-carry! Oh man! It took me a lot of time to pack and throw stuff away! Afterward, I went to some local craft stores with my roommate in San Diego. After I went there, I wish I discovered the place earlier so that i can go there once more. However, I believe I would def. go once after I am back in june for graduation. Here is some pics I took at that day!

I spent most of time on that in 2 quarters- my crazy notes:

my pink nail with polka dots. love it ♥♥

took it at upper level of my apt with Ashley♥

Paper Tales in San Diego, if you will visit San Diego, you must go! they carry most of the new stuff!!!!

♥u baby

Okay! time to off to dinner with my friends. Even though it is little bit off of time with mypost  you know, life is busy!

Here we come , Spring Break/ Last week in Los Angeles!