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[balboa Park] @San Diego

Just want to share a picture I recently love


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{weekend journal}

My weekend was up and down. How’ s that happened? I think it was pretty long story. first, it was GREAT that I can finally go up LA to see my baby. We  haven’t seen each other in a month! It was super long! Since his car is broken, so he didnt get a chance to come down for visiting. Anyhow, on saturday, shamus(bf) and I went to “drink tea” with two of our friends, gary, jason. Afterwards, we went a lot fo grocery stores. Lately that day, we went to gary’s house joining them with his family to eat ”dinner’ before chinese new year. Seriously, I ate sooooo much and after i got home, my stomach is hurt! Probably i ate too much, hehe:]

Sunday is Valentine day. We stayed at home whole day since my baby broke his angle and he barely can walk, so we decide not going anywhere for dinner but cook! I made some yummy chicken wings!! soo good!!

Monday is always a sad day since is my last day in LA which mean I need to leave him and go back to San Diego! Leave at 1, luckily, there is no traffic at I-405! I arrived there pretty much around 3…..which is Good!…..

After i went back home, I didnt do anything but surfing in the net! there is a lot of goodies out there,  and I am going to spend some money over 2 peas. Besides that, i found lots of hand-made design. They are SO adorable. But sorry, I forgot to save the link where I found them, and now i couldnt even find it over the history since i have been in front of the computer for a longg time. I hope i am okay to share them with you.

very cute origami dress card.

I totally love that one! so cute. cant you believe it is all papaer?

cute color combination!

paper folding sushi!!  yummy!

cute hairband!

seriously! I want to get that one! but now i couldnt find where i found them! i only can tell you is they are from Etsy……

anyways, I will be back for more designs…..stay tuned!

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{Valentine day+ New Year}

Hey Everyone! hope you have a Wonderful Weekend! here is my week’s highlighted.

Since Today is Valentine’s day, so i need to make some chocolate chip cookies to my bf and get ready by friday cause I needed to leave San Diego to LA.

__*My cookie dough, ready to bake!*__

__*1st tray cookies*__

__*2nd tray cookies*__ this time I baked smaller and more__i think they are so cute__

__* look at this little guy*__ so cute…..

__* they are COOKIES Family*__

__*4th tray*__

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{La Jolla Shore}

No More designs today! I went La Jolla Shore few weekends ago after the heavy rain! If you lived in southern California, you would probably recognize  that it rained the ENTIRE week! It was horrible. Sign! I hate raining!

So here are some I took with my new phone with 3.2px, not bad huh~ the waves were running mountains high! It felt good when I was there! I should go once more! the view is beautiful. I always think only eyes can capture the whole view and memorize it, not camera.

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{icon} pic

Did you see my new icon as my blog image across my website? Yah, I am just excited to put it up! Well, I am a bit  disappointed cause I can barely see the image. ahhhh…I wish I could design a trademark for my blog! When I was in high school, I had taken a graphic design class. Since then, I have dreamed of being a graphic designer! However, i havent made to that step, and i finally go for Economics major. I was born in a business city- Hong Kong, only about business major can really survive in that city! Be honest, I never regret for my major because I still think it is worth! Anyways, Let me show you the icon pic I put in BIGGER size. Dont worry, i am pretty sure I will change it to something that has clearly looking.

OMG! I think they are just TOOOO cute!

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my {pooh} collection

my BEST BEST pooh collection ever! there are 30 poohs in total,  my baby gave me one every months! it totally witnesses our 30 sweet months. love you babe!♥♥♥♥

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